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      The E.A.R.N. System... Today's  new    Survival Guide to Communicating
and  Getting Heard!

Hi there!

My name is Cynthia Hayes, founder and CEO of LifeChimes, International and the E.A.R.N. System ©

 "Cheers to better understanding
    and your success!" 

                 ~ Cynthia






    Cynthia is an experienced
   communication coach, author,
and speaker on the important issues
of truth and integrity in relationships.

She is skilled at identifying creative
  clarity and insight to businesses
     and individuals who want to
communicate in a way that compels
      others to stop, take notice,
                and listen! 

       Visit the Shopping Isle
        for a look at her book:

  ''Why Should I Listen To YOU? 
  The hard facts about TRUTH, and
four surefire strategies that will earn
     you the right to be heard!"



It happens to the very rich, the middle class, and very poor....

It happens to doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, policemen, parents, priests and even the President...

It happened to Kate Gosselin, Candy Spelling, Charlie Sheen, and Alec Baldwin just to name a few....  What did all of these people experience?

Communication Breakdown!

As an Image and Communication Consultant, I know the way we communicate has never been more important than it is now.  More than ever, we need to be aware of the dangers of being mis- understood or worse yet, having our comments shown all over YouTube or the Media! 

LifeChimes is dedicated to providing solutions to help you in your personal relationships, workplace, and wherever you want the respect and confidence to be heard.

Privacy is strictly respected and my clients are all confidential.

No gimmicks, no wasted time, just laser straight, REAL,
      and most importantly,           appropriate for today.

I know you're busy! 
Call now for a 10 minute pre-appointment evaluation!

(626) 825-4211

As your
Relationship Referee,

Whether you manage others, need your vision conveyed to staff, or just want some feedback on your communication style, I will give you a neutral point of view...  a way to identify   what may be hindering you from moving forward with your goals.  I must warn you though, I'm a straight shooter with a passion to bring out the best possible YOU!  

Sessions are conveniently short, focused, and affordable. 

SIMPLE,  yet powerful 
so don't wait!

"As a man thinketh,
so is he"  

~ Proverbs 23:7

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